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Template Automation Overview

Template administration is where it all begins in Legito. This is the home for template automation, the foundation of the Legito’s Smart Document Drafting. Configurations made in this area affect not only automated document drafting but also Legito Smart Document Management. Clicking on the “Templates” tab of your Workspace will take you to the main Template Repository.Templates are built individually, or often in groups, and stored in Template Suites. It is also possible to search for templates on your Dashboard.Every standalone template is stored in its own Template Suite; interconnected templates are stored within the same Template Suite. Each Template Suite is represented in the Template Repository by a Template Suite Placeholder.
Template Suites help users organize and automate interconnected templates, making it possible to generate Document Bundles. Users designing templates are able to build logical dependencies into templates that connect them to other templates within the same suite, including designing conditions to automate how and when any of the individual documents drafted from templates within a single Template Suite are included in any given Document Bundle.

The Template Suite Settings


Search Keywords

Initial and Follow-Up Instructions



Country / Region

Template Categories







The Template Settings





Document Type

Assigned Advanced Layout Design







Template Editor is to Template Automation as Document Editor is to automated Document Drafting. In order to build automated templates to power efficient automated drafting, the building blocks of Legito come into play

  • Clause hierarchy rules, combined with Elements and Questions, create a precise automated template structure that ensures documents are drafted accurately.

  •  Logical Dependencies, such as Conditions and Repeats, which fuel Legito’s document automation.

All of these Template Editor features are easily navigated using:

  1. The static Left Menu with structure widgets;
  2. A Dynamic Top menu, which changes depending on the current task and a
  3. Template Editor Canvas, where templates are designed.