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Smart Document Drafting

Fast Accurate Automated Document Assembly. Reliable & Consistent Drafting. Easy to Use. Off-the-Shelf Functionality. No Coding Required.

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How does smart document drafting work?

Is there a Guarantor?
The Lender hereby lends to the Borrower an amount of
In Words
(hereinafter the "Loan") and the Borrower accepts the Loan and agrees to repay the loan under the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
The Parties hereby express their consent to the security of the Loan by Guarantor (as defined in a seperate document) in line with Guarantor's declaration.
Loan Drawdown
The Lender agrees to provide the Borrower with the Loan
to the bank accountof the Borrower No.
, kept with
Interest Rate
The Parties arrange for a Loan
% per
The interest for the relevant calendar month year is payable by the last day of the relevant calendar month year, however not later than the final repayment due date of the Loan.
How Shall the Loan be repaid?
Repayment of the Loan
The interest for the relevant calendar month year is payable by the last day of the relevant calendar month year, however not later than the final repayment due date of the Loan.
The Borrower agrees to repay the Loan to the Lender in
Installments, as follows:
amount Due Date
In Words
In Words
Each Party agrees to refrain from disclosing or using any information, including information of trade value, which the Party has learned or which it has received from the other Party, in connection to this Loan Agreement.
If any Party breaches the confidentiality under Paragraph 5 hereof, such Party agrees to pay to the other Party a contractual penalty in the amount of
In Words
If the Borrower is in default of the repayment of the Loan, the Borrower agrees to pay to the Lender a contractual penalty in the amount of
1% is maximum
% of the outstanding balance for each day in default until the full repayment of the Loan.
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Our clients use Legito to

Smart Document Workspace
Automate document drafting
Manage documents, cases and transactions
Approve and sign documents
Engage clients (Client portal)
Deliver self-service document creation process
Negotiate contracts
Extract and track contractual deadlines
Analyze documents and create reports

Simplify how you work with documents

Store & Analyze

Negotiate & Sign

Automate & Draft

Manage & Share

Your Legito documents
could look like this

of Intent

Why Legito?

Smart documents are more than document automation

Unlike other restrictive document automation solutions which only permit you to insert data into a questionnaire and generate a document at the end of a long process, Legito’s intuitive smart documents give you more options and flexibility along the entire automated process. No need to split your focus between a questionnaire and a document.

One Click Conversion of your Word Documents into Templates

Our AI-powered conversion tool pulls unstructured text from your Word templates and converts it into structured text within Legito's automated templates.

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Seamless integration while avoiding duplicate data entry

Legito Smart Documents integrate smoothly with company registers in over 80 countries and states as well as many of your favorite CRM and DMS systems. Legito also supports Data Import and Batch Generation from Excel. Not enough? Use our robust API to integrate Legito with anything.

Document automation and management under one roof

Fast efficient Document Assembly powers, and is powered by, comprehensive Document Management. Batch Generation, data extraction and import help you to automate, gather and re-use valuable data to better manage your overall Document Lifecycle.

Auto-extraction of deadlines and data from Legito documents

Legito will extract key dates from your documents, record them into its integrated document management system, and send reminders to help you avoid missing deadlines. Legito will also extract Key Terms and any other information to generate rich, simple to understand analytics.

Incomparable number of automation features

Legito, a web-based platform, is powered by fresh cutting edge technologies, and many unique automation features that work together to deliver results. Use Legito to easily automate your documents to a level of complexity far ahead of any other providers.

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100% Off-The-Shelf and Ready-to-Use Deep Document Automation

Thanks to Legito’s unique Template Editor, you can easily automate complex logical dependencies into your document templates without any programming. On average, Legito users learn how to automate documents in under 2 hours.

Template Version Control and Release Management; Outdated Document Elimination

Users are allowed to use only the latest published version of your automated document templates while admins can still work on new versions. When a user attempts to use a document created from a retired template, the document terms can be automatically updated according to the newest template.

Multiple Server Solutions Available

You can choose between a dedicated Legito server, or your own server on either an “off-premise” solution or an “on-premise solution” on the server location of your choice. Start with a trial account on the Legito server and a long term hosting solution can be determined after the trial period. Learn More

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